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Frequently asked questions


How fast can a cheetah run?

Cheetahs are the fastest creature on land, during a chase they can reach speeds of up to 100 km/h.


How many cheetahs are there in the world?

There are ca. 6,700 adult and adolescent cheetahs left in the world.


Does a cheetah suck blood from its prey?

No, a cheetah does not suck blood from its prey. Cheetah's strangulate their prey, when people see a cheetah strangulating its prey they sometimes mistakenly think it is sucking blood.











Can you keep a cheetah as a pet?

No, although a cheetah can become tame it will always be a wild animal that needs a large area to roam free and lots of enrichment to keep it occupied. When you keep a cheetah as a pet it will become bored and unhappy.


How old can a cheetah become?

In the wild cheetahs become approximately 11-12 years old.








How much does a cheetah weigh?

Cheetahs way 35-60 kg, males can be slightly larger than females.


How many cubs does a cheetah give birth to?

Cheetah females give birth to 3-5 cubs.


How long do cheetah cubs stay with their mother?

Cheetah cubs stay with their mother till they are 18-22 months old.

© Chris Hennessy

© Scotch Macaskill

What is a king cheetah?

A king cheetahs is a rare genetic mutation of the cheetah, it is not a different species of cheetah. Instead of spots the body of the king cheetah is covered with spots and stripes.

© Laurie Simpson

© Brent Stapelkamp

What sound does a cheetah make?

Unlike most of the big cats cheetahs can purr like a domestic cat but cannot roar. Most of the other big cats, for example lions, are able to roar but cannot purr. 







A cheetah mother calls her cubs with a call that sounds like a bird. This way she doesn't attract the attention of larger predators, e.g. spotted hyenas and lions, that can bring her cubs in danger.

Cheetah purring -
Cheetah calling cubs -

Do cheetahs live in groups?

Females live alone, males can be found on their own or in a group called a male coalition.


What does a cheetah eat?

Adult cheetahs mostly kill medium sized antelopes (15-30 kg) but small animals like birds and hares are also an important part of the diet.


Are cheetahs dangerous to people?

No, cheetahs are not dangerous to people, there has never been a report of a wild cheetah attacking a human being in the wild.


How many spots does a cheetah have?

The cheetahs tan coat is covered with over 2,000 solid round black spots.

How do you tell the difference between cheetah, leopard and serval?

There are several ways to tell the difference between cheetah, leopard and serval. Cheetah and leopard are much larger than serval. Cheetahs have a more slender built than leopard. Unlike leopards and servals, cheetahs are active during the day which is why they have tear marks under their eyes. The cheetah's coat is covered with solid black spots. A leopard's coat is covered with rosettes, the serval's coat with stripes and spots. Because the cheetah has semi-retractable claws, unlike in leopard and serval spoor, the nails will show in the spoor.

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